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On Demand Pilates Programs.
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Access to 100+ Pilates sessions for every skill level, plus classes like The Big Stretch and Pilates with small equipment.

Weekly schedule to keep you accountable and motivated.

All your Pilates questions answered by Natalya in an inclusive global PBW community, plus daily inspiration

Access to a members-only monthly LIVE PBW sessions with Natalya. The PBW experience in real-time!

Exclusive offers and promotions when you join the PBW Facebook group. 

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Pilates Classes for everyBody

Pilates 101

In order to get the best out of a workout, you need to master the basics, and PBW 101 keeps concepts simple and effective. In this beginner’s course, I’ll spill the secrets and give you the tools to dig deep and find superhuman strength and agility.

Signature Session

This signature lineup is the brainchild of almost two decades’ worth of Pilates teaching experience. It’s a workout for everyBody. I’ve designed PBW to build your body and empower you to feel confident as a mover.

Core Power

You have a solid grasp of fundamentals and form, which means you know your body’s limits and you like to find the edge and work within it. This high-intensity session is not for the faint of heart. Enter a powerful and rewarding flow as we leave it all on the mat.

PBW Spotlight

Natalya shines a Spotlight on different parts of the body. These short sessions prime, strengthen, and mobilize specific areas of the body. You’ll acquire new skills and knowledge that will help you gain more control over your body in other PBW workouts.

PBW with Toys

Grab a towel, a sturdy chair, a band, foam roller or even a book for some of these creative sessions that bring an added challenge and creative element to each workout.

Why People Love PilatesBodyWorkout

I was hooked after one class!
I instantly knew she was an exceptional Pilates instructor. Her creativity and attention to detail left me craving more. Natalya is a passionate instructor and her extensive knowledge in Pilates and muscular movement makes every class challenging.

Natalya supports and encourages her students to grow, work hard, and achieve their personal goals. A truly inspirational Pilates instructor. 

Sandra S.

I have been practicing Pilates since I was a child and Natalya is the best instructor with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. She knows exactly what I need to work on and exactly how to work on it. She’s extremely knowledgable and her cues and imagery are highly effective. Each session is perfect for me. She’s the best!

Kate S.

Natalya’s passion for pilates and extensive knowledge of mindful movement, grounds and supports my practice immensely. She balances both strength and flexibility along with effort and ease. She motivates me to find a healthy limit, and leaves me feeling both strong and light at the same time. She is truly a pilates guru and I want her in my life forever!

Leah H.
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