Pilates Body Words

Why Exercise? Why Pilates?

The greatest gains that are overlooked when we increase our physical activity are the brain boosting benefits! Pilates is specifically proven to improve blood flow and memory, stimulate learning and improve your mood. Did you know that Pilates and exercise in general actually change your brain? When we move our bodies it promotes something called brain plasticity by stimulating growth of new connections between cells in many important areas of the brain. This is a great reminder that beyond the aesthetic and muskulosketetal benefits of exercise, we are in fact maintaining and revitalizing our brain. 

Natalya performing a Pilates pose on the floor in a sunlit studio wearing Move Active socks

As PBW members you experience how Pilates keeps your mind engaged. We are constantly thinking about what we are doing, recalibrating our movements and working toward ultimate control and precision. You can’t read the newspaper and do Pilates! It requires full engagement of mind and body. This is one of the reasons we love Pilates. It takes our mind away from daily stresses and worries, allows us to focus in on ourselves and be present.

I’m so inspired by your commitment to PBW. Keep sharing your progress and moments when you stop, drop and Pilates with me via Instagram and Facebook. Stay connected to the global PBW community with the events and engaging opportunities below.